Today in DeFi - Balancer V2 Live, Curve on Polygon, Instadapp Polygon Bridge, and more...

Balancer V2 is Live on Mainnet

Balancer’s v2 smart contracts are live on mainnet. Balancer V2 holds token balances in a single vault to boost efficiency and add flexibility to support different types of AMM logic. V2’s consumer UI is still pending and will launch Apr. 28.

Security wise, this launch sets itself apart from the pack with three audits from top firms, as well as a record 1k ETH(>$2M USD) bug bounty.


Today in DeFi is sponsored by Sushiswap.

Sushiswap is a DeFi-Native DEX which features the best liquidity across many DeFi pairs such as YFI, SNX, and AAVE.

Sushiswap has recently launched Bentobox, gas-efficient lending platform for DeFi, as well as Kashi, a one-click margin-trading platform.

Check out Sushiswap at, or try the Bentobox/Kashi beta at

Curve Launched Polygon Pool

Curve has launched a pool on Polygon.Users can swap DAI, USDC and USDT coins at low cost and fast speeds.

Instadapp Bridges Ethereum and Polygon

Instadapp launched a financing bridge between ethereum and polygon, which allows users to migrate and port over their Aave loans to Polygon.

The current version is a one-way bridge, and upcoming upgrade will enables bidirectional bridging.

Loopring Previews Ethport

Loopring announced Ethport, which allows L1 Dapps to be accessed L2 in a more gas efficient way, as well as allowing cheap and capital efficient cross L2 transfers.
Ethport will be coming in May as part of Loopring 3.7.

Mesh Finance Beta

New project Mesh Finance, a user-friendly DeFi Platform, is inviting users to try its yield aggregator.

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