Today in DeFi - Matcha 2.0, PoolTogether Grants, and More...

Matcha 2.0

DEX aggregator Matcha upgraded to 2.0. Users can now trade on Polygon, buy crypto with fiat, do direct OTC trading, and enjoy other new features released with the upgrade.


Today in DeFi is sponsored by Sushiswap.

Sushiswap is a DeFi-Native DEX which features the best liquidity across many DeFi pairs such as YFI, SNX, and AAVE.

Sushiswap has recently launched Bentobox, gas-efficient lending platform for DeFi, as well as Kashi, a one-click margin-trading platform.

Check out Sushiswap at, or try the Bentobox/Kashi beta at

BadgerDAO to be on Polygon

Badger partners with Polygon to bring ibBTC, BTC bridge, and yield vaults to Polygon.

PoolTogether Grants

PoolTogether governance approved a grant program. If you are a builder, auditor, 3rd party Defi project that wants to integrate, or otherwise want to contribute to PoolTogether, check out the article and apply today.

Y Combinator for DeFi

Impossible Finance raised 7M to build a platform to incubate DeFi projects. Investors includes CMS holding, Alameda, and individuals from Matic, CREAM, Compound, etc.

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